Meet Pastor Rich and Cheryl

Cheryl & Rich at Bet Shean and Capernaum
Cheryl & Rich at Bet Shean and Capernaum

A NOTE FROM CHERYL:  Pastor Rich passed away on June 4th 2019.  This website will continue on, we will miss him terribly but know he is now with his Lord in the true Holyland!

Rich Anderson, retired pastor of Capistrano Community Church in San Juan Capistrano, California, and Cheryl traveled to Israel many times and believe that a trip to the Holy Land, specifically a faith based tour to the Holy Land, is a profound experience that has an impact on your spiritual life and passion for Jesus Christ.  Rich and Cheryl have five grown children, and five grandchildren. They love the Lord, His people, and they love to travel, especially to the Holy Land.  Pack your Bible, open your heart and join them on this  exciting spiritual adventure to the Holy Land.

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3 thoughts on “Meet Pastor Rich and Cheryl

    1. Hi Meri, thanks for looking at our website and emailing us! The tour is all inclusive per person (double occupancy), i.e. non-stop flights on El Al from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv, all hotels, two meals each day (lunches where we stop are between $10 – $15), all entrance fees, all gratuities while in Israel. You will need to pick-up the cost for your trip insurance, flights to Los Angeles (if necessary), soft drinks or alcohol at meals and other personal expenses. We don’t have an exact cost for 2019 yet, we generally get that from our tour guide 11 – 12 months out (so sometime in May or June), but our other tours have been between $4000 & $4500. Our two last tours were $3999 & $4488 (we toured Petra in this one and the Jordanian visa is expensive). I hope this helps, we would love to get to know you! I will be happy to send you more information if you like. Thanks again and have a blessed day! Cheryl and Rich Anderson

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