Meet Ezer Of Holyland Pilgrimage Tours

Ezer at Capistrano Community Church
Ezer at Capistrano Community Church (Feb 2015)
Ezer at Capistrano Community Church
Ezer at Capistrano Community Church (Feb 2015)
Ezer relaxing on the Sea of Galilee (Dec 2017)
Ezer with Bo Jeffares on the Temple Mount (Dec 2017)
Ezer with Kimberly Jeffares & Doug Payne in Joppa (Dec 2017)
Ezer at Solomon’s Gates in Tel Megiddo (Dec 2017)

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Ezer, Our Incredible and Faithful Tour Guide

Say “Hi” to Ezer, our personable guide for our faith based tours to the Holy Land. There are three videos of Ezer below, in the first one Ezer tells you a little about himself, the second one describes the sites and where we will be going and the third one answers questions about safety, weather and other things you may have on your mind.  If you want a recommendation for a guide to take you and a group to Israel, please contact Cheryl.  In our experience, no one comes close to Ezer!

Ezer is married with four children. He is tall so that we will never wonder where we need to be and he will tell you that he has been a working as a guide for 37 years, however, just looking at him will make you wonder about that! In the video introducing him, you will hear that he began traveling with his father Motti when he was just a young child (his mother said he could go!) and that is how he started SOOOO long ago! You will soon learn that he is a knowledgeable guide both historically and Biblically. Plus his organizational skills make each day a wonderful experience. From the moment he picks us up at the Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv to when he gets us back to the airport, our time will be perfectly orchestrated. Each day is impeccably timed to make the best of each Holy Land site we visit, each hotel ready for our group to check-in with ease, all our transportation will be outside the hotel door every morning as expected and Ezer will be full of information about what we are going to see, how it fits into history and the Biblical importance of each place we visit. Be ready to sing “This Is The Day” with Ezer as we travel to wonderful places each morning, and get to know him as he always is ready with a smile and an answer to any question.

You can visit Ezer’s facebook page, Holyland Pilgrimage Tours to view his many videos and pictures from the tours that he personally arranges for and leads.

Click here or below to see the video on YouTube describing how Ezer and his family puts together a fabulous faith based tour:  Holyland Pilgrimage Tours


Holyland Pilgrimage Tours Video:

Some Of The Sites We Will Visit  CCC Israel Tour Itinerary

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