Videos Of Our Holy Land Trips


Videos of our December 2017 Holy Land Trip

Sunrise Devotion on the Sea of Galilee, December 2017

Here is our 11 Day December 2017 Tour to the Holy Land in video….watch and enjoy!

  • Video #1 “Around The Sea of Galilee” with visits to the Mount of Beatitudes, Capernaum, Mensa Christi, Kibbutz Genosar for the “Jesus Boat”, and Baptism in the Jordan River. (Music: Come To The Water – Cheryl Anderson, Midi Piano)

  • Video #2 “Caesarea to Mount Tabor” with visits to Herod’s city, Caesarea, Tel Megiddo overlooking the Valley of Armageddon, Nazareth and Mount Tabor, a beautiful church with mosaics of Jesus’ Transfiguration.  (Music: Come, Now Is The Time To Worship – Rich and Cheryl Anderson, Vocals and Instruments)
  • Video #3 “Up To Jerusalem” on the way to Jerusalem, visiting Kursi where Jesus healed Legion, Gideon’s Spring, Bet She’an, Qumran and entering Jerusalem. (Music: Bless The Lord, O My Soul- Piano & Midi Instruments, Cheryl Anderson, Intro beginning by Rend Collective Campfire)
  • Video #4 “Jerusalem to Bethlehem” starting the day at the Garden of Gethsemane, then on to the Israeli Museum to view the Model of Jerusalem during Jesus’ time, a visit to the Garden Tomb for Communion and then to Bethlehem to see the Shepherds Fields and the Church of the Nativity.  (Music: Above All – Quiet Reflections Instrumental Worship Favorites by Mark Baldwin)
  • Video #5 “The Temple Mount and Western Wall” walking on the Temple Mount early in the morning, visiting the Lithostratos where Pilate judged Jesus, reading John 5 at the Pools of Bethesda and praying at the Western Wall.  (Music: Let My Words Be Few – 16 Great Praise and Worship Instrumentals, Daywind Studios)
  • Video #6 “Masada To The Red Sea” hiking to David Falls in En Gedi,  viewing the fortress of Masada, swimming in the Dead Sea and arriving at Eilat on the Red Sea.  (Music: Amazing Love, You Are My King – 16 Great Praise and Worship Instrumentals, Daywind Studios)
  • Video #7 “Petra” ….nothing more to say about this spectacular World Heritage site!  (Music: Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone – Cheryl Anderson, Piano & Midi Instruments)
  • Video #8 “Valley of Elah to Joppa” traveling through the Wilderness of Paran and to view the incredible Makhtesh Ramon crater, standing in the Valley of Elah where David fought Goliath, arriving in Joppa for a last dinner before flying home and some fun out takes!  (Music: Shout To The Lord, King of Glory – 16 Great Praise and Worship Instrumentals, Daywind Studios)


Videos of our May 2016 Holy Land Trip

May 2016 Tour
Sunrise Devotion on the Sea of Galilee


Here is our 12 Day May 2016 visit to the Holy Land in Videos… and enjoy!

  • Video #1 – Intro, Why Travel To Israel, Overview, Day Three (First Full Day in Israel) 11:20 min – Visiting Mensa Christi, Capernaum, Mount of Beatitudes, sailing on the Sea of Galilee and being baptized (Open The Eyes Of My Heart, Lord; Lord, I Lift Your Name On High; Here I Am To Worship; Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone)


  • Video #2 – Day Four, 4:44 min – Nazareth, overlooking Armageddon at Tel Megiddo and Mount Carmel and enjoying lunch at Dahlia (Shout To The Lord)


  • Video #3 – Day Five, 5:16 min – Hiking through Tel Dan Nature Park and rafting down the Jordan River (Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord)


  • Video #4 – Day Six, 4:51 min – Road trip to Jerusalem! Stopping at Bet She’an, Qumran and the Mount of Olives (Forever)


  • Video #5 – Day Seven, 4:34 min – The Israeli Museum, the Lithostratos and singing in the St. Anne’s Crusader Church (Breathe)


  • Video #6 – Day Eight, 4:41 min – The Temple Mount, the Old City and praying at the Western Wall (the Wailing Wall) (The Heart Of Worship)


  • Video #7 – Day Nine, 5:38 min – Road trip south to Masada! Swimming in the Dead Sea & viewing David Falls in the En Gedi (Come, Now Is The Time To Worship)


  • Video #8 – Day Ten, 9:11 min – The Old City Walls, Hezekiah’s Tunnel, the House of Caiaphas and the Palm Sunday Road to the Garden of Gethsemane (How Great Is Our God; Shout To The Lord; You Are My All In All)


  • Video #9 – Day Eleven, 8: 37 min – Worship and communion at the Garden Tomb, and to Jaffa for a sunset dinner on our way to Tel Aviv and home on the 12th day (Amazing Love; Song Of Elijah)