The Beauty of the Dead Sea From Outer Space

Israel From Outer Space (Photo: Shane Kimbrough, NASA)

Beautiful photos of Israel and the Dead Sea just published today, March 13th!

Above is an incredible photo of Israel from outer space.  You can view the Sea of Galilee at the top right, with the Jordan River and valley traveling across the picture, then emptying into the Dead Sea.  The aqua blue segments seen at the photos far left are mineral pools mined by the Israeli Dead Sea Works.

Below find a spectacular view of the Dead Sea from outer space, a beautiful reminder of God’s creation.  You can see Jordan’s red Moab Mountains bordering the top right edge of the Dead Sea.  The spectacular site of Masada, located on the Israeli side (left area), sits in the cliffs at the end of the dark blue water.

The Dead Sea From Outer Space (Photo: by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet)

This photo of the Dead Sea was tweeted by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet earlier this month, showing its breathtaking beauty from the rare vantage point of outer space.

The photos were published in Ynetnews on March 13, 2017

Pesquet tweeted a photo of the sea, writing “The Dead Sea, the lowest point of the Earth, but certainly not the least beautiful.”

During his stay in the big void, Pesquet also completed his first spacewalk together with NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough, who released pictures Israel from outer space two months ago.

Pesquet was launched to the International Space Station in November along with US astronaut Peggy Whitson and Russian cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky. He is set to return to earth in May.

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