Megiddo, Fought Over And Prophesied About

  Why? Ask anyone who wants to travel to Israel, why, and the usual answer is….to walk where Jesus walked. Nothing wrong with that answer, in fact, it’s a great answer, but the Holy Land isn’t just about the New Testament, Israel fully engages you with the Old Testament! Constancy Location, location, location . . … More Megiddo, Fought Over And Prophesied About

Jerusalem, God’s City Through Time

photo: Roman Kriman, First View of The Temple Mount Entering Jerusalem, a highlight of any tour to Israel, stirs your soul, brings tears to your eyes and connects you to countless other sojourners who have traveled UP to Jerusalem through the ages. Viewing the Temple Mount, the dazzling white stones of the city, and the Mount of Olives for the … More Jerusalem, God’s City Through Time