Does Your Bucket List Include The Holy Land?

Jerusalem Temple Mount at Night
Jerusalem and the Temple Mount at Night

On our trips to the Holy Land, many people tells us that traveling to Israel has been on their bucket list.


Laurie, who said “I had always dreamed of seeing the Garden of Gethsemane.  That was really what I wanted to see.  When I saw it today, it was everything I needed it to be.”


Shelley, who wanted to walk where Jesus walked, and found that “in the Garden of Gethsemane, the peace was even more on me that I had done the right thing.”

Garden of Gethsemane
Garden of Gethsemane

Vacation for Your Soul

Taking a trip to Israel, the Holy Land, is like taking a trip inside the Bible. In fact, it has been said that ten days in Israel equals a year in Bible school.  So, how is a vacation going to improve your spiritual life?  Reading and studying the Biblical accounts of Jesus, His disciples and the Old Testament saints will never be the same after you have stood on the actual stones, walked down the same paths, waded in the same water and prayed under the same trees where they prayed, walked, waded and stood.  You will know without any doubt that the Bible is a living, breathing account of God’s work in the world, real accounts of real events in a real land. AND there’s more….. Israel is jam-packed with archaeological finds that continue to verify and prove the accuracy, infallibility and historicity of the Bible.

Qumran Caves
Qumran Caves


Curt, who was “trying to absorb everything I can and it’s really done me a whole lot of good.  I feel closer to Christ”

An Investment With Eternal Returns

One of the greatest investments that can be made for your faith is visiting the Holy Land, the one place on earth where Jesus actually walked and where the pages of God’s Word come alive before your eyes. In our video below, Walk Where Jesus Walked, The Holy Land With Rich And Cheryl, you will get a glimpse of what is in store for you on a faith based tour of Israel.  Glimpses of Biblical sites dating from the time of Christ and before, where you will  read and study Biblical accounts of events that happened right where you are standing.  As you visually travel through the Holy Land, you will learn about Israel’s 4000 years of history while delighting in the incredible beauty and fascinating landscapes of the Holy Land.


Gloria who said, “I left my heart here 30 years ago and I have wanting to come back and reclaim it…..and I am leaving it again!” 

Our Next Tour

If traveling to Israel is on your bucket list, we hope you move it to the top of the list and join us on our next tour to Israel where you can experience personally all that the video shows. It would be a privilege to travel with you and guide you as you discover the heart changing land of Israel, the Holy Land.   Be sure to check out the rest of the website, especially the videos of our May 2016  & December 2017 trip to the Holy Land.  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email Cheryl at

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